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1210 South Q Street, Richmond, Indiana

Enjoy the quiet streets that wind through the neighborhood offering 127 spaces. Leisure Village is situated in a park-like setting with mature trees, gardens, basketball courts, swimming pool and picnic gazebo. Feel like you're living in the country with all the conveniences of town.

Leisure Village is located on the Roseview Bus Route. Catch the bus near the front entrance of the Park. Click to see the Roseview Website.


  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Picnic Space
  • Gazebo
  • Park-like setting
  • Cable TV
  • Metered Utilities
  • Tall Chain Link Fence for Added Security

Leisure Village
Photo Year Make Size Lot Price
1982 Patriot 14 x 70 #29 $8,000
For Sale 14 Leisure Village   1999 Ultimate Value 28 x 52 #14 SOLD
12 Leisure Village - for sale  2018 NEW HOME
28 x 52 #12 SOLD



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